Rinol parking system OS8

Rinol os8


Rigid multi-storey car park coating for heavily mechanically stressed surfaces suitable for traffic according to the “Directives for the protection and repair of concrete structures of the German Reinforced Concrete Committee” DIN EN 1504:2.

    Two-layer epoxy resin system for multi-storey car parks or underground garages on concrete or similar subsurfaces.

    Available in RINOL standard colors.
    You will fi nd more details in the RINOL color chart.

  • Properties
    • Low development of odor while processing
    • Protects surfaces
    • Hard-wearing
    • Suitable for vehicle traffi c
    • Non-slip
    • Seamless
    • Dust-binding

  • Scopes of application
    • Garages and multi-storey car parks


Bending tensile strength approx. 48 N/mm²
DIN EN 196 / ASTM C190
Compressive strength approx. 55 N/mm²
DIN EN 50014-23/50-2
Adhesive strength > 2,3 N/mm²
DIN ISO 4624
Abrasion resistance
(Taber CS10 Rad) 27 mg/1.000 Zyklen
DIN 53754 / ASTM D 1044
Shore D-Hardness 67
DIN 53505 / ASTM D 2240



Surface sealing
RINOL EP - S600 strewn
Base layer


As a rule fl oor slabs in contact with the ground are not subjected to extreme dynamic stress like intermediate or open-air decks. Besides the resilience, here the requirements are the protection against aggressive substances that damage reinforced concrete, against rising damp, the visually user-friendly colored design and fi nally the non-slip quality.