Ashford Formula

The final treatment for your concrete

ASHFORD FORMULA is colorless, transparent liquid that penetrates into the concrete, giving him protection, preservation and strength. Ashford Formula penetrates deep into the concrete and solidifies the component parts of the concrete into one solid mass. The final effect of this formula is increased density, toughness and hardness as well as humidity resistance through entire lifetime of concrete. The process of sealing will be accelerated by using the consistency program of maintenance, the older it becomes, the concrete becomes harder and better sealed. Using the Ashford Formula there is no coating that will peel away in which bubbles could appear and then it needs to be re-applicated or completely replaced. The effect of concrete treated this way and its wax-like shine that develops in time is increased by regular and accurate cleaning and maintenance.




Ashford Formula seals portland cement based materials, concrete and other materials into a mass that is essentially solid, rather than the porous material like traditionally concrete is on its own. Differently from other surface treatments that form a film coating which peels away, Ashford Formula eliminates the need for expensive reapplication by penetrating into the concrete and closing the pores from within, converting the concrete into a solid densified mass. The Ashford Formula will inhibit the migration of water, oils, and other surface contaminants into the concrete.

ASHFORD FORMULA makes the concrete abrasion resistant. The testing of the abrasion resistance shows that the floor treated by the Ashford Formula will increase abrasion resistance for 32% after 30 minutes of the treatment, and after that the concrete will continue to hardener.


Ashford Formula combined with the concrete salts, becomes an integral part of the concrete and thus completely dusts proofing surface. This substantially reduces maintenance costs and protects sensitive equipment and finished manufactured products from dust particles.


Over time, concrete treated with Ashford Formula develops an attractive wax-like shine. The more the floor is exposed to traffic and regular cleaning, the better it looks.


Within 6 to12 months after being applied to the surfaces, Ashford Formula develops a glossy, marble-like shine that lasts entire lifetime of your concrete.


Since its introduction to the United States in 1947, the Ashford Formula itself has created the concrete densification concept and has developed it into a widely accepted and acknowledged industry. Because of its unique and proprietary process of chemical densification, the Ashford Formula has been specified for improving millions of square meters of concrete surfaces worldwide. The Ashford Formula continues to be recognized throughout the industry as the standard for quality. With just one permanent application, many concrete surfaces are still being used today after 30, 40 and even 50 years of continuous use. Exposed concrete surfaces treated with the Ashford Formula are becoming the solution of choice by end-users and specifiers all over the world.


Immediately after the treatment

Immediately after the treatment
• Hardening and dust proofing come during the first days of the treatment. The floor will obtain the normal concrete look or soft glow (concrete finishing by broom or concrete with rough surface will keep the natural look).
• The floor is not totally sealed. This will allows the penetration in first 6 to 12 months while the process of durable sealing is not finished. Considering the fact that it’s subjected to the marks, it should be cleaned and dried after every spilled liquid or dirt. If it is cleaned with detergents, the color of floor will become lighter and the marks will fade while floor continues to seal itself.
• Density and strength of the floor will increase immediately. However, it should take into account that the floor mustn’t be damaged after the initial application.
• The shine can be developed more quickly by burnishing the floor with a propane burnisher.
• For increasing the intensity gloss, floor could be furbished.

3 to 6 months after the treatment
If the standard program of maintenance is followed, during the finishing of the fresh concrete, the glassed surfaces will develop the shine.
12 months after the treatment
- Developing of the hard protective surface
- The sealing process is finished, which results the surface resistance on contamination and the humidity penetration from the most liquids and contaminated agents.

GUARANTEE– Curecrete Distribution, Inc. stands behind the Ashford Formula with the most durable guarantee in this industry (20 to 25 years). Taking in consideration successful history of Ashford Formula that dates from 1940, Curecrete Distribution can offer durable guarantee because the floors treated by Ashford Formula more than 50 years ago, still look completely new despite the wear.