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The company RINOL doo is a specialized and professionally and technologically equipped for production of industrial flooring. Since the establishment, RINOL doo has based its business strategy primarily on the quality, knowledge and expertise, aiming to meet, with its professionalism, the most demanding technological standards.  Taking into account all these aspects as the basis of successful business, RINOL set them not only as a possibility but as the undisputed imperative.

During its eighteen-year long work RINOL has generously invested in technological developments, following the latest European and world trends and innovations and was fully committed to it. Thanks to this approach, RINOL has been very quickly and deservedly recognized as a leader in the industrial flooring, and up to now, has kept the primacy of the best, both in our country and in the region.

Contemporary trends in the construction of industrial buildings include the production of industrial flooring in accordance to the latest technologies which provide high quality, meet all the demands that are put before the investors during the process of exploitation of the building, as well as large daily output.
RINOL company follows modern, world trends in flooring activities and for many years RINOL can offer the most appropriate solution to the regional market no matter whether it is concrete, epoxy, polyurethane, magnesite or acrylate-based floors in question.
By applying the long-standing experience of leading global brands in industrial flooring, our systems and technical solutions have proven themselves both on the domestic and foreign markets.
The knowledge and experience (know-how) provides leading market position when it comes to construction of, now very current, megastores, logistics centers, underground and overhead garages, facilities in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, medical facilities, high-bay warehouses, factory plants, special purpose facilities and generally industrial facilities.
Lately, special attention was drawn to decorative floor systems.
Apart from constructing the new facilities, we have great experience in repairing and conversion the existing facilities, especially when it comes to very demanding food and pharmaceutical facilities which require compliance with HACCP and GMP standards.
A large number of renowned investor who have given us the trust as well as the quantity of performed works, prove the leading position of RINOL company not only in Serbia but in region as well. All these give us great motive, and on the other hand oblige us to apply our experience, knowledge, up-to-date technology and especially the quality of performance in order to achieve the excellent results for mutual satisfaction. Striving and broadening business horizons, we are determined to persevere in everything and we commit ourselves to the new labor victories. RINOL has done it.



General Manager

Dušan Rajnović